Robotic Automation

Automation and Control Engineering

What Is Automation and Control Engineering Technology in Industry Automotive and industrial automation is the application of computer numerical controlled (CNC) technology that helps to control manufacturing processes and machinery remotely. The automation and control engineering technology curriculum provides students with the technical knowledge and strategic management skills necessary to pursue a successful career in …

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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Idea What Is Industrial Automation? To answer that question we need to take a closer look at what is industrial automation. Basically, automation refers to a broad spectrum of technologies that reduce human intervention in commercial processes. Reducing human interaction means reducing the amount of time that machines are idle; this has obvious …

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Process Automation Engineering

Process Automation Engineering | How It Works? What Is Process Automation Engineering? Process automation engineering students learn about different ways to improve a business. This includes implementing new procedures and systems to improve the productivity and efficiency of an organization. Students can then go on to complete a four-year degree, specializing in process automation engineering. …

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