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What Is The Definition Of Automation?

Define AutomationWhat is automation, can be explained as “The Process Of Making Any Products/Services With A System That Operates Automatically To Delivered The Predefined Product/Services Which Undergone Multiple Processing Steps, and Controlled With a Simple Software Interface.”

What is automation advantages

Automation leads the manufacturing industries leaped into next generation high production capacity without having any error. Automation technology go the wide range of advantages for the users, and the total automation process is accomplished by the combination of Robotic technology in the form of hardware and driving instruction in the form of software. The software is responsible to get the output in more accurate, and efficient. Here some advantages of the automation:

Automation Advantages

  • It helps to manufacture the quality productions by which manufacturer reputation built up.
  • Due to automation efficiency, user can rely the quantity of productions that drives more business.
  • It increases the capacity of production amazingly.
  • Interfaces are made easy to operate by the operator with a minium training.
  • Automation can help for the proction of high end prescision.
  • It  helps to reduce the production expenses, as well as product cost.
  • Automation is safer than any other typical production methods, and less possibilities of hazards.
  • Very low posibilities of getting errors, as it made with proven research by the expertise.
  • It can save spaces, as any type of processing automation required lesser space compared to typical manufacturing plant.
  • Low maitenance cost, which leads the chances of high profitability.

What is automation Disadvantages:

Automation is having almost no disadvantages but every technology invented some disadvantage. So, the automation technology is also having few:

  • Major disadvantages of automation technology is creation of unemployment because it works so smooth that it needs very few manpower, and as a result
    manual employees go to go.
  • Any automation technology is made, is just for a specific products. So it cannot be utilized for the variety of items.
  • It needs more initial investment to install the robotic machines and components compared to manual. So the small business owner is having a less chance to get an automated manufacturing plant, though it getting cheaper and affordable day by day.


What is automation type?

In the category of automation industry, we can see there are three types of automation tools

  • Fixed Type Automation Technology.
  • Flexible Type Automation Technology.
  • Programmable Automation Technology. 

What Is Fixed Type Automation?

Fixed type automation technology works in fixed way, as the input or configuration done during designing of the system. It can not be changed or modified. As a result it produces configured products as per the capacity of system. 

What is Flexible type automation?

Flexible automation is made to manufacture different types of products, and does not need to change the system. That means one single machine can produce many types of products by changing the configuration manually which can be done by the operator in the given software interface.

What is programable type automation?

Programmable automation technology is made in such a way that the operator can use its different tools or equipment when the operator need it. There are many options with the operator which can be used for some added benefits or can stop some equipment that does not required for the current job or production.

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